SouthDrill Limited

PO Box 968 Hunt Street, Waikiwi INVERCARGILL

P: (03) 211 1567 | F: (03) 215 6038 E: [email protected]

Evan Pascoe – Drilling and Piling Manager – Mobile 027 233 9465
Evan has over 25 years experience in Southland and Otago. As Drilling and Piling Manager, Evan is available to support clients and consultants on their specific project requirements. Evan operates the company Caldweld 250B Piling rig as well as 44 ton piling crane, and is the back up operator of the Schramm T555 and formost DR 24 drilling rig . He has extensive experience in water bore drilling, micro piling, Frankie piling, Bored piles and driven piles.
Maurice Pascoe – Drilling Consultant – Mobile 027 435 7371
Maurice is one of the more experienced drillers with over 50 years experience in the drilling and piling industry. His specialist knowledge of the region is second to none. He has extensive knowledge of bored piles, driven steel, concrete, timber and Frankie piles. Maurice is the company back up for the Caldweld 250b piling rig and the Schramm T555 drilling rig.
Shaun Crosland – Southland Driller – Mobile 027 703 8624
Shaun has been with SouthDrill for the last 4 years. He has over 25 years experience as a driller and has gained his experience specifically in the Southland and Otago regions. Shaun Operates the company’s 30 tonne T555 Schramm drilling rig.
Graeme Stewart – Otago Drilling Consultant – Mobile 027 861 3400
Graeme has recently joined the SouthDrill team as our Otago Drilling Consultant based in Cromwell. Graeme has had over 35 years experience within the South Island and has a heavy knowledge base specializing in all types of drilling within the drilling industry.
Rolly Harrex – Otago Driller – Mobile 027 530 7158
Rolly has recently joined SouthDrill and has over 30 years experience as a drill, and has gained experience in Southland, Otago and Canterbury Regions. Rolly operates the companies 30 tonne DR24 for most drilling/piling rig.

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